Engineered for SucCess

Our engineered systems and products are solving problems across every industry including: agriculture, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, petrochemical plants, industrial applications, food and beverage, chemical production, surface coatings, and more. BIOREM modular and expandable systems range from 50 m³/hr to over 500,000 m³/hr for field-erected custom systems and can be purchased or leased as required.

Experts in the biological removal and control of H2S and odor, our proven
line of municipal wastewater treatment products are available as standard, modularized systems or custom engineered, field-erected solutions for larger air flows. We offer high performance engineered solutions for high profile applications in densely urbanized areas.




With more than 30 years of solving the most difficult air emissions challenges under adverse process conditions and intense scrutiny from customers, regulators and communities; each new project builds upon this immense knowledge base. As engineers, our goal is to continually innovate and improve so that your project benefits from the best available technology for superior results.


BIOREM has established a rigorous code of ethics that upholds the highest level of ethical conduct, standards of practice and integrity pertaining to our professional duties. Anti-corruption measures are applied to all our projects from RFP through to commissioning and ongoing support.

Our partnerships with consulting engineers, contractors, municipalities, industry, suppliers and government regulators are carefully scrutinized and monitored to ensure our worldwide reputation for fair and transparent transactions is protected. We reserve the right to refuse business based on ethical considerations.


 We guarantee that the performance of our products and systems will meet or exceed your expectations. From initial discussions where we learn about the problems you need solving, through to expert assessments, precision manufacturing, timely distribution, user-friendly training and complete administrative support, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.