Developed for H2S and total odor removal, BIOSORBENS is the only permanent engineered media available with a 20-year life expectancy. It combines energy efficiency with total contaminant destruction.


The next generation of engineered media for total odor reduction. Significantly faster, XLD also addresses recalcitrant compounds such as DMS and DMDS.


For high H2S loading applications, BIOPAK’s unique proprietary design resists fouling during extended operations under heavy loading. Use in conjunction with SulfaKlean™, for in-situ cleaning.


Polypropylene and polyethylene structured packing designed for low contaminant loading or applications requiring up to 99.5% destruction of water soluble compounds. Ideal for custom reactor designs and for extending bed depths in footprint constrained applications.

Application Profiles

NameAir flow (CFM)System TypeApplicationLocationDocument
Hialeah36,000MYTILUSWTP DegassifierFlorida, USA2226F Hialeah
South Laredo9,965MYTILUSWWTP - HeadworksTexas, USA2161F South Laredo
Bio-En Elmira12,000BASYSWaste to EnergyOntario, Canada2155F Bio-En
Indian River5,000SYNERGYWWTP - Secondary TreatmentFlorida, USA2153F Indian River
Harvest Power Orlando5,000SYNERGYWaste to EnergyFlorida, USA2146F Harvest Power Orlando
Elora WWTP15,515SYNERGYWWTP - HeadworksOntario, Canada2132F Elora
Chongqing Biogas970Biogas SweeteningLandfillChongqing, China2131F Chonqqing China Biogas
Threemile Biofuels2,000Biogas SweeteningAgricultural ADOregon, USA2094F TMF Biogas
Fond du Lac Biogas150Biogas SweeteningWWTP - BiogasWisconsin, USA2088F Fond Du Lac Biogas
Disco Road44,000BiofiltAIRWaste to EnergyOntario, Canada2087F Disco Rd
The Villages3,200SYNERGYWWTP - HeadworksFlorida, USA2019F The Villages
Ballenger McKinney5,050Carbon AdsorberWWTP - HeadworksMaryland, USA2003F Ballenger McKinney
Panther Creek3,800MYTILUSWWTP - Preliminary TreatmentTexas, USA1935F Panther Creek
Southwest Henderson20,000SYNERGYWWTP - HeadworksNevada, USA1903F Henderson
Western Ramapo26,000SYNERGYWWTP - Biosolids DewateringNew York, USA1845F Western Ramapo