Novel Application of BIOREM’s Biological Reactors to a New Market Segment

BIOREM today announced a new order for an advanced biological system to address gaseous emissions from a Natural Organic Reduction (NOR) facility. 

“Traditional methods such as cremation or burial for dealing with human remains have typically used unsustainable approaches.  Cremation results in large quantities of CO2 and mercury to be released into the atmosphere and embalming requires more than 4,300,000 gallons of toxic fluid annually” said Derek S. Webb, President and Chief Executive Officer. “There is a growing movement in the USA for more eco-friendly alternatives, and in May 2019, the State of Washington was the first to legalize natural organic reduction.”

The NOR process involves combining human remains with organic materials such as straw or wood chips and allowing natural occurring microorganisms to transform the body into nutrient-rich soil.  The process is accelerated using a proprietary approach and vastly reduces the amount of energy consumed and minimizes the release of secondary contaminants.  Proponents for the natural organic reduction model aim to disrupt the $20B US funeral service industry.

“Management is excited with the opportunity to work with one of the pioneers of this new movement to address some of the odours and gaseous phase emissions from the organics reduction process.  BIOREM’s extensive experience with organics processing facilities and the agricultural sector in general provide the depth and breadth of knowledge required to make this process feasible in dense urban environments.”