When Failure is not an Option: Combination Biotrickling Filters, Biofilters, and Activated Carbon Systems

For the highest degree of performance and reliability, the BIOREM synergy system is recommended. It’s used when contaminant type and loading are severe and require multiple stages to treat effectively over the long term. The synergy system will employ several stages of treatment (i.e. biotrickling filters, biofilters, and/or activated carbon) working in tandem to ensure that the overall performance is greater and more reliable than the individual components. These stages may be several biological reactors in series, or may also incorporate physical and chemical technologies to address specific contaminants and needs.


The BIOREM engineering team will determine what synergy multi-stage system is required to give you the results you require.

The first step of the synergy system is often a pretreatment stage to remove excessive concentrations of specific contaminants. The removal of these contaminants allows secondary treatment stages to focus on the remaining contaminants- providing a high degree of treatment efficiency. These latter stages are often referred to as the polishing stage(s).

Complex Challenges Require Engineering Innovation

Today, half of the people in the world live in urban environments and by the year 2050, more than 70% of all people will live in cities. This increased urbanization and densification of population means an increased demand for reliable, energy efficient, environmentally sustainable infrastructure.

For municipalities and industry, integrating sustainable wastewater treatment and emissions abatement systems is a pressing concern. As cities grow in size and density, engineering innovative technologies with ecologically sound urban design approaches is critical. BIOREM synergy multi-stage systems are engineered to support these urban wastewater ecosystems and to seamlessly integrate into smart infrastructure. “Return on Environment” is as important as return on investment.

BIOREM synergy multi-stage treatment is engineered to handle the most difficult air stream applications, and provide consistent total odor removal. Because it is a dual stage system, it easily handles peak variations, shock loads and process upsets. Our innovative development of reactor configuration as well as media and technology selections allow for reduced footprints and seamless integration into your facility’s operations. These features translate directly into cost savings both for the initial investment as well as for on going operations and maintenance.

Instrumentation and controls can be designed to be compatible with all SCADA systems, allowing for the monitoring, gathering and processing of real-time data.

Think SYNERGY to Solve Your Challenges

When your project simply cannot afford to fail, select a custom-tailored synergy solution from BIOREM. Our engineers will work closely with you to identify the challenges of your application and propose the most cost-effective and reliable solution to meet your needs.

Whether your new pump station needs to be erected in an urban park setting or the expansion to your new facility is to be installed below ground, BIOREM has a variety of proven solutions to make your project a long term success.

The selection of the right SYNERGY system is a collaborative process between our team and yours to ensure that it is fully integrated into your facility and operations. Many features can be incorporated such as: heat recovery, condensate recovery, chemical scrubbers for

ammonia removal, biotrickling filters for H2S removal, dry scrubbing for final polishing, stacks for additional dispersion, and carbon regeneration systems for high VOC loading applications.


When to Choose Synergy Multi Stage Systems

  • High profile applications
  • Close proximity of facility to sensitive receptors
  • When a high degree of reliability is required
  • Complex air composition
  • When very high treatment efficiencies are required
  • Biosolids management applications
  • Industrial applications